Lay Leadership

Vestry Officers & Commissioners

Karen%20CarringtonadjustRector’s Warden – The Rector’s Warden shall serve as lay consultant and advisor to the Rector and shall perform such other duties concerning the business and affairs of the Church as may be assigned to him or her by the Vestry. The Rector’s Warden shall be the senior lay officer of the Church.
Karen Carrington, Rector’s Warden



Garry%20BrooksPeople’s Warden – The People’s Warden shall serve as the chief representative of the people and the liaison between the members of the parish and the Vestry . He or she shall assume the Chair and reporting responsibility to the Vestry for the nominating process associated with the annual elections, and shall perform such duties as the Rector’s Warden and Vestry may assign to him/her.
Gary Brooks, People’s Warden





VivecaRegistrar – The Registrar shall have custody of the Corporate seal of the church. The Registrar shall record the minutes of all meetings of the Vestry and of the Voting Members in a suitable minute book, which shall be maintained in the Church office. The Registrar shall be charged with the responsibility of keeping at least two copies of the By-laws. The By-laws shall be open to inspection during business hours by any Ordinary Member of the Church. In addition, the Registrar shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Vestry. 
Viveca Thomason-Smith, Registrar



ReginaldSmithParish Council President – Develops and maintains Parish Activities Calendar; develops and promotes fellowship and cooperation among all Parish organizations in planning programs, activities and services that stimulate and nurture parish life; assembles the plans of all parish organizations and coordinates the parish calendar; President is the proactive lead for forming the annual (October) Parish Council/Vestry Retreat in conjunction with the Commissioner for Strategic Planning.
Reginald Smith, President





LaNaeCroxtonAdministration Commission – Develops an Administration and Management Plan; assists the Rector of the parish to administer and manage the business functions and operations for the parish and ensures the development and use of document definitions, design and format standards for a system of manuals of best-practice standards, policy and procedures for parish use; assists with the parish system of mutual ministry review; establishes system for the monitoring and tracking of office commitments and due date; issues office schedule of operations and the general functions scheme for the clergy.
LaNae Croxton, Commissioner




Communications Commission – Develops, implements and coordinates a strategic Communications Plan; recommends and maintains policy and procedures concerning the full range of Church communications and activities, including Parish programs, communications devices, and equipment, all official communications instruments of the parish; e.g., The Advocate, bulletins (The Call), the website development, design and content, and all defined internal communications. This position plays a key role in assisting the Rector and leadership to articulate its priorities, market church programs and the St. James’ image, and to encourage internal and external support and participation.


20170423_092113Evangelism Commission – Develops Evangelism and Reclamation Plan; plans and implements parish actions and activities designed for the recruitment of new parishioners and the reclamation of previous members; undertakes actions to learn what persons who do not attend a church (non-churched) and persons who have no association with church (un-churched) are looking for or would want in a church; assesses the non-churched community to find out what it is about the church community that puts them off and makes recommendations to clergy and vestry concerning what St. James’ might do to affect these findings; maintains constant contact with the community to discern the messages St. James’ sends and makes recommendations to clergy and vestry concerning what St. James’ might do to dispel the myth of its exclusivity.

Rochelle Harrison, Commissioner










Finance Commission Develops Financial Management and Strategies Plan; develops the annual budget of the Church and makes recommendations to the Vestry on expenditures on behalf of the Church; establishes     and maintains internal controls, accounting guidelines and business practices as required by the Cannons of     the Episcopal Church.

Elise Mason, Commissioner



Vincent%20MilleradjustPastoral Care/Adult Education – Works with the Rector and other clergy to develop the Caring Church Plan; assist the Rector and clergy to provide for the pastoral needs of the congregation and to equip the congregation to receive pastoral care; facilitates the efforts of small group ministries such as the Lay Eucharistic Ministries, Stephen Ministries and special visitations to prisons and other institutions; work with the Clergy and the Board of Youth Ministries Committee to facilitate the Sunday School program, Bible Study groups, prayer groups and other formation opportunities
Vincent Miller, Commissioner



Ann%20Taylor%20RossadjustProperty Commission – Develops and maintains the property Maintenance and Development Plan; oversees the maintenance and repair of all buildings and property owened by the Church; seeks Vestry consent before authorizing major repairs; assists in the development of staff policy and directives concerning property development, operations, maintenance and security.
Ann Taylor Ross, Commissioner



20170426_082717Stewardship Commission – Develops the parish Stewardship Plan; reviews annual giving; promotes and manages a year-round stewardship program; conducts a revolving membership canvalls (contact program; authenticates the membership rolls; gathers and compiles data on Parish members and participants.
Marianne Graham, Commissioner



Arschel%20MorelladjustStrategic Planning Commission – Develops Comprehensive Strategic Plan; develops goals and objectives that reflect the vision of the parish and provides recommendations for the direction the Vestry and parish should take to accomplish them; monitors, tracks, and hosts reviews of the status of strategic actions (tactical plans; plans annual planning retreat in conjunction with the President of the Parish Council.
Arschel J Morrell Jr, Commissioner



Worship Commission – Develops and maintains Parish Customary; assists the Rector and Clergy to plan and conduct worship services that respect and maintain the traditions of the Episcopal liturgy and are also contemporary enough to be relevant to the current lives of the audiences attending; works closely with evangelism and reclamation and is responsive to those findings. This group’s current charge is to create 21 st Century worship services for a 21 st Century people.
Brenda Baker
, Worship Commissioner


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