God Loves a cheerful giver.   We appreciate your offerings of gifts, talent and time. We are a historic congregation
and we plan to continue in the inner city, but the cost of keeping the doors open and the lights on can sometimes
take a lot.  Please join us in our mission by donating?  Every little bit helps tremendously!


Now you can give at any time whether  you attend church or happen to be away.
There are many ways to give. Give in person or mail check or money order, online, or by phone.

Here is the Unique Giving Link for St. James.

You can access it by clicking HERE:

Thanking you in advance for your gift to our ongoing projects to serve the community.
Donation to the general operating fund.  Checks can be made payable to:

St. James’ Episcopal Church
Attn: Financial Management Team
1020 Lafayette Ave.
Baltimore, MD  21217-2555
(410) 523-4588


You can also use your Smartphone with Pushpay:

Follow this link to watch a video to learn how!


Pushpay directions

Click on the link above to see the YouTube video on Pushpay It’s simple whether you use your phone or go online. It’s easier to use your phone because you don’t have to set up an account. However, you can set up an account online in less than 10 minutes. Download the Pushpay app to your phone or tablet.

You can designate your offering for several different areas: General offering/tithes, Apportionment, Outreach, Building Fund, Crabfeast, 1020 Unleashed, Special Offering.

Phone directions are in the photo above. Online: go to and set up an account

Save money and support St. James’ every month click this link-


St. James’ Church is holding a fundraising drive but we’re not selling anything you don’t need. In fact, you can help your church by saving money on something you already use! We will help you save on electricity or gas by switching your service to Ambit Energy, our partner in this fundraising effort.


St. James’ Endowment Committee.
Note:  Episcopal Church can provide assistance for making a number of gifts through a bequest, a life-gift or charitable trusts.
The Episcopal Church Foundation can provide professional help. Visit to:

Find an interactive site providing a wealth of information about how to make a planned gift. Privately explore the opportunities available.
Learn about the different kinds of bequests and life-income gifts you can make to your parish or local ministry.
Select the kind of gift that works best for you and calculate the tax and income benefits.
Request a personal illustration and find out whom you can contact for additional help and information.
Get tips about financial and estate planning, news about tax laws, and much more. See the Resource link for more information.


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